Technical Service

Technical Service

Technical Service

At LQS we are prepared to offer global attention to customers who require it.

From early on we note the need to put in place the technical service. Today we believe that it is a fundamental pillar in our structure, which contributes to strengthening the competitiveness of the companies that trust us. This is due to the savings of costs and resorces provided by the outsourcing of these tasks.

Our technical service department is in constant growth, both in volume of activity and in the diversity of processes for which it is enabled. Due to the high exigency of the training and the proactivity that characterizes the human team that integrates it, besides the impeccable execution of tasks, we can detect possibilities of improvement. In these cases we get solutions in advance that increase the success of our customers’ final results.

At the customer disposal 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Geographic Coverage – Spain and Portugal, including the islands.

Montaje de equipos LQS

Some companies delegate in LQS part of the work carried out in this field, becoming, thus, in collaborators of their own teams. In other cases we assume all the work that would correspond to an internal Department of Technical Service.

Our flexibility to adapt the professional’s structure to the projects or customer needs is highly valued.

We always respond with the required number of technicians and the appropriate specific training. In LQS we implant and develop custom services, adjusting to the real needs

What we offer

  • Planning, Logistics, deployment of technical staff for installations, moves, updates and decommissioning (IMACD)
  • Project management and coordination.
  • In order to obtain the best results we establish total coordination of the technical service and the specialised transport.
  • Compliance with the commitment of the required service level (SLA’s)
  • Establishment of quality indicators (KPI’s) in order to improve results.
  • SWAP: Courier technicians for equipment exchange, resolution of level 1 incidences and, also, basic equipment configuration or handling.

Over 120 technicians of our own

  • Field technicians, that carry out the installation and commissioning of technological equipment, are trained to carry out the maintenance and repair of such equipment and can offer training to the end customer on the functioning of these.
  • Analysts for network configuration, which can work on site, remotely and in the pre-configuration centers of LQS.
  • We also provide technicians dedicated to the end customer.


The more than 120 technicians we have are highly qualified specialists in each of the equipments of the sectors for which we work. They receive specific formation whenever we have to intervene in processes related to new equipment. The Technical service department is also integrated by:

  • Software analysts.
  • Account Managers.
  • Project Coordinators – service delivery managers.
  • Work managers.
  • Product Specialists.
  • Operations Supervisors.

Likewise, we have coach of trainers and a team of trainers. They develop their work in the technical rooms located in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon. We also offer the possibility of displacement to provide formation in other centers.

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